Converting a Quip Document

Converting a Quip document to a Confluence page is easy, because you can export Quip text as Markdown.

  1. Select Document->Export->Markdown. This copies Markdown text to your clipboard.
  2. Paste the text to your favorite unicode-safe editor and save it to a file with an .md suffix.
  3. If the Quip document has images and/or contents you’d like to attach to the page, download each image and attachment from Quip.
  4. Now just follow the rules for Preparing to Import a Markdown Document.

Importing Converted Content

To import a set of files associated with a manifest, use the following command:

` ./import_pages -m /path/to/manifest.json -u <username> ` where <username> is the username for your Confluence account. If you’re importing a page to our internal Confluence production server, this is just your SSO identity (just your username, not your email address).

This finds the files associated with the manifest (assuming they are in the same folder) and imports them as child pages of their respective parents.